Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pretzel Logic and the Figure-Four Leg-Lock

John at the 'Panda points to another little box, er, excuse me, stress-position to which John Yoo's powers of historical and legal interpretation have confined him:
But John Yoo has some surprising news: the anti-federalists were right! The Constitution does give the president, particularly in matters of war and peace, exactly the same powers of the British king circa 1787! The only difference is, Yoo thinks this is a good thing.

. . .

The best part is, Yoo is associated with the Federalist Society, the notorious [Pooh: I think notorious is a bit strong here...notoriously perhaps...] conservative legal organization. I guess one of the main tenets of the Federalist Society is that the anti-federalists were right all along.
Buy Yoo's book "Legalizing Torture for Fun and Profit" anywhere from Amazon to now.

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