Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday Thoughts on Tribe, Tony Campbell and My Fuddiness

  1. Driving the 20 or so miles to and from my Monday night rec league basketball game allowed me time to conclusively answer Joey's quandry: Low End Theory is superior to Midnight Marauders as an album. I hadn't listened to either in a while, but damn, they are both good (contra Spackerman. But he's too angry to get Tribe to begin with, true, true). As to why LET is better, watch as I take some one else's intelligent words and pass them off as my own:
    The beat in Check the Rhime, and the way they dance around it (and each other) is pure magic. And since the other half of my library is jazz, I love what they do in Excursions and We've got the Jazz. Scenario is just explosive and powerful. Nobody fucking rapped like that in 1991, and here's a 19 year old who's about to blow up.

    Don't get me wrong, comparing these two albums is like comparing winning a million dollars vs. winning a million and ten dollars. But there's no question in my mind that the nostalgic and technical and creative impact of LET was superior.

  2. Speaking of my Monday hoops league, I think I'm empirical proof of the Tony Campbell theorem: Given a sufficiently offensively untalented surrounding case, anyone can get 20 per game. (Fun note: TC's point guard? Pooh Richardson!.)

    (pictured: Not this Pooh)

  3. Speaking of music, I think I've officially reached the sad day when I can no longer even hope to keep up. I don't think I've bought an album in almost 4 months (The Raconteurs, if you must know). I'm not sure how I feel about this. Surely there has to be some non-suck music coming out these days, right? Who is the "Clipse" I keep hearing so much about? Is there anything of note in the White Stripish Blues-Rockish area? Help a Pooh out here, will ya...


Frankie said...

Theory vs. Marauders...indeed, a chocolate vs. vanilla conversation. They're both so delicious, and I do love Check the Rhyme; I mean, I grew up 15 minutes from the boulevard of Linden. But, I think I like Marauders better. Why? Because I like my beats hard like two-day old sh*t. Plus, being the girly girl I am, there are sentimental reasons for my preference. The next time we have a sleep-over, I'll tell you why while we braid each other's hair.

I recently pumped my brother for some good work out music and he turned me onto Girl Talk, this guy who does mash-ups of all these songs. I really like it a lot for the gym. He also referred me to 2many djs, which is some of the same kind of stuff. This stuff probably isn't new to you at all, and my enthusiastic recommendation is like telling you that I found this awesome piece of equipment called a rotary phone...but you asked.

Tim said...


Thank you for articulating what I have long believed with your Tony Campbell theory.

Music recommendation: Check out a band called Earl Greyhound. The album, Soft Targets. Zeppelinesque.