Sunday, October 09, 2005

Pooh's Blues (and other musical stylings)

Some of my Favorite Musical Artists:
  • Robert Johnson - Yes, I know, how Greil Marcus of me, but the fact that pretty much every band I like that uses guitars plays some RJ (or so it seems) has to mean something. Plus, nothing validates your hipness faster then tuning an axe into open D and busting out "Walking Blues" with the handle of a butter knife.
  • Led Zeppelin - Best. Band. Ever. Better musically than the Beattles, for my money. Harder than anybody this side of Motorhead when it suited them. Plus, pretty much invented "Partying Like a Rockstar".
  • Green Day - Snotty, yet sweet. I never really cared about punk "street-cred", as street-cred always seemed to be synonomous with "can't play a lick". 'American Idiot' is both great music, and fairly unique in that a mainstream band rarely takes a political stand in their music. "Don't want your Redneck agenda", I wonder who that's referring to...
  • Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - Punk covery goodness of some of the worst songs ever. '500 Miles' even sounds good: "And when I haver/ Whatever the Fuck that means/ I'm gonna be the man that's haverin to you".
  • U2 - I'll be honest, HTDAAB was disappointing. But what wouldn't be after All That You Can't Leave Behind. It's one of the failings of my life that I have yet to see them live. Even my staunch, skeptical, atheist pseudo-Deist with Buddhist-ic tendencies friends describe their concerts as "religious experiences". Good enough for me.
  • Fugees - I wonder were progressive hip-hop would be if they hadn't broken up after 'the Score'. Suddenly, every rock song has a girl singing, from Ashanti on everyone's hits to the BeP and ScaryBotoxFergie. But Lauryn could rap too. As could Wyclef. And as long as Pras didn;t have to write any rhymes, his delivery and flow are what the kids might describe as 'Tight'.
  • Public Enemy - First rap act that was actually talking about something, not just bitches and hos. Plus, the modern day equivalent to the "wall of sound" production. "Fear of A Black Planet" and "Apocalype '91" are probably 2 of my 15 favorite albums to this day.

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Kaiser said...
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Kaiser said...

For the record, I'm a pseudo-Deist with Buddhist-ic tendencies.