Tuesday, April 04, 2006

PoohsDay Blues Hip-Hop: Straight Bangin'

Usually, (or, in recent weeks, unusually) this space is reserved for ruminations (and playlists, and poor puns) on the Blues artform. This week, we're going to, as the kids say, flip the script. Since WAPtm is Straight Bangin today, we're going to put the 'pod on Hip Hop mini-spin and see what we get.

1. "Let Me Clear My Throat" - DJ Kool. With the Ed Lover Dance music. Who didn't love the Ed Lover Dance?

2. "I Wish" - Skee-Lo. One of the longtime ushers at T-Wolves games looks just like Skee-Lo. And then he throws out the little nerf ball and let's kids shoot at the adjustable hoop he's wearing on his back.

3. "White Lines" - Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. . . . Oh sorry, just bobbing my head to the bassline. Carry on.

4. "Soul Flower" - Phracyde ft. Brand New Heavies. James Brown meets hippie-hop. Got to have it (Soul Flower). When you want it...

5. "Uptown Anthem" - Naughty By Nature. What happened to these guys? They were hot as hell and then like Keyser Soze, they were gone.

6. "This Is Radio Clash" - The Clash. Not Hip Hop you say? Perhaps, but it could be and it's good enough for me.

7. "What's Up Doc?" Fu-Schnikens ft. Shaq. Often times known as the PoohSchnikens in these parts, don't know why. I'm not ashamed to admit that I sometimes feel the flow of Shaq Fu. As the man himself says he's Not Christian Laetnner/ Not Alonzo Mourning. Nor, thankfully, is he Ed Nelson.

8. "Who's The Mack?" - Ice Cube. Back when he gave an ish. Though the acting thing is working out quite well for him, who am I to hate?

9. "The Choice is Yours" - Black Sheep. Another wha happened? Group. Say it with me. Engine Engine Number 9/ On the New York Transit Line/ If my train falls off the track/ Pick It Up, Pick it Up, Pick it Up. Parents, this is the kind of music that starts your kids down the road to bling. You would never have sent me to summer camp had you known I'd be exposed thusly.

10. "Money Ain't A Thang" - Jay-Z and Jermaine Dupree. Last, but not least. Ferraris, Jaguars, etc.

Upon reconsideration, and looking at the balance of the list, I don't think I qualify as bangin' any longer. It's a sad, sad day when the IPod makes a fool of you.


Otto Man said...

Ah, the Ed Lover Dance. Good times, my friend. Good times....

bill said...

White Lines - for a truly scary experience, dig up the 1995 Duran Duran CD "Thank You." Includes amazing covers of "White Lines" and "911 Is A Joke." I say amazing because they are quite good...and that's what makes it scary.

Frankie said...

"uh-huh uh-uh uh, God damn!"

*totally doing the Ed lover dance!"

Fletch said...

Just to let you know that by posting Black Sheep lyrics on your site, you have brought in at least five google searches for "engine, engine number 9" a day for the next several months.

slat rat said...

I absolutely LOVE "White Lines" and I have Pooh to thank for introducing me to a fab song.

Actually Pooh and I have discussed doing a top ten "just say no" song list. Included on that list would be the Johnny Cash version of 9 Inch Nail's "Hurt"