Saturday, April 29, 2006


As in 'Putting In...'

My absolute number 1 favorite thing about being a basketball fan is watching a player getting into that perfect groove where it seems like they will never miss again. And their defender knows it, and starts buckling down. So they start attempting more and more difficult shots - the proverbial 'heat check' - and they continue to go in.

Thank you, Michael Redd.

In other thoughts, maybe this years Mavs team is different. Such outright thievery of road games is certainly an indication that it might be. I called "game time" on Dirk's three to put them up five before he even caught the ball. You watch enough of these, and there are certain shots that are reminiscent of the Double Dribble sweet spots.

And in the least necessary yet most predictable news department, ESPN passes along the following rumor:
Apr 28 - The New York Post reports the Knicks will again bid for Kenyon Martin this summer. . . According to the newspaper, Brown is desperate for Thomas to add an inside banger, a rugged rebounder and shot-blocker.
Besides the there are already too many headcases for team chemistry to possibly matter anyway, right? I mean not even Isiah is that stup...oh never mind. A starting lineup of Marbury, Franchise, Jalen Rose, K-Mart and Ed Curry? Seriously even if they win the lottery next year, can't you see the next 'savior,' Greg Oden pulling an Eli Manning and refusing to play for such a loser organization?

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