Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I Occasionally Lack Wisdom


Icepick said...

You were clearly light-headed from too much of the Ed Lover Dance. I blame MTV.

reader_iam said...

Ohmigosh, my son had a Quacker just like that, which my mother-in-law bought for him before he was even born (he probably heard the duck-call, absolutely as described by Steph, even then).

It's probably still around here some place--unless my son made the same mistake with one of our dogs (who often end up with son's cast-off stuffed toys, with accidentally or on purpose).

And may I say, it's sort of odd to, out of the blue, get a face to go with the handle. Not that YOU look odd, I mean the experience.

Icepick said...

More pics from the Pooh-verse....

Sister Alix

Sister Alix's Dog, Gunner

Father Mortnut

Pooh in a Tux

Pooh in a Tux 40 Years from now

Pooh as animated GIF

Pooh's Pet Sasquatch

Pooh's Pet Reindeer

Pooh's Mop

Jared Fogle

reader_iam said...

I just assumed he'd never included his own face, or something.

Pooh said...

Well, it wasn't my full face...plus I've linked to pictures o' me before. (I mean, if people really wanted to figure out my identity it's not hard...)

Sorry for the shock ;)