Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Asshole of the Week: On Hiatus in the Spirit of Accomodation

If the Senate doesn't feel like doing it's job, I don't feel like doing mine either. No Assholes named here this week. Like Pat Roberts, I'm trying to bridge the gap, to reach an accomodation to avoid confrontation.

There is at the very least what we might call a prima facae case that the NSA program violates the law, or alternatively that the President feels he is not bound by, well, any law. So instead of investigating, the committee designed to watch the watchers has decided that a new law, which the President can either break or not be bound by (take Yoo'r pick) is the best plan as long as the administration pinky swears not to abuse any "new" powers and give full and forthcoming reports.

I have some trust left in the tank, how about you?

(Image via Paul Wartenberg)

Otto Man pegs it. It's the "Whittington Principle", break the law and the law apologises to you.

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