Thursday, March 09, 2006

And Again

It being birthday season...Happy B-day, RIA. I have a gift just for you:


reader_iam said...

Damnit, Pooh! Now I'll have to put off luxuriating in a bubble bath while I try to come up with an appropriate pukycon.

But thanks for the wish and the--gag,gag*gift*gag,gag.

Ohmigosh! There is a God!

vh: gyipukva

(On my forebears' graves, I swear it.)

XWL said...

Saw this book being prominently displayed with other Easter books at B&N today.

(but will anyone send RIA a copy?)

reader_iam said...

You know what, Pooh? Four months later, and I still don't forgive you for offering me Peeps as a birthday gift.

Just so you know.

; )