Monday, March 20, 2006

Weekend NCAA thoughts.

The good thing about being eliminated by midday on Friday is that I was able to unrepentantly root for what I'd like to see happen, rather than for 'my' picks. Thus, I was able to bask in the glory of about 8,000 fans in Dayton chanting "Make Roy Cry! Make Roy Cry!" O.K. maybe it was just me chanting while watching, (though I think Dubs was probably with me) but after a year hiatus, the Roy Williams Tearful Press Conference regains its post as my favorite sports moment of the year. Speaking indirectly of George Mason, I love the way this team plays. Pressure man-to-man defense. Controlled but aggressive offense, and despite not really being an uptempo team, they get down the floor in a hurry and force you to transition to defense quickly.

And while speaking of Tobacco Road, Duke played their best game in two months to handle GW. This was the first time maybe since the Texas game that they showed some of the traditional "Duke" defense - lots of ball pressure, overplaying passes, making the opposition catch the ball moving away from the basket. Josh McRoberts is very swiftly becoming my favorite Dukie since Trajan.

Connecticut remains unconvincing, to say the least. A pretty wretched Kentucky team hung with them all the way, and this is after getting a huge scare from a #16 seed on Friday.

I'm not sure how the Villanova-Arizona game ended up being decided by only 4 points, it had the feel of a comfortable Nova lead the entire time, though Marcus Williams (felony free version) showed a knack for making big shots. He might turn out to be a player. This game also featured Jim Nantz giving *^*&^& Packer about 13 chances to admit error in going after te selection committee like he did. And while Nantz admitted he was wrong, all Billy could talk about was how the Big 10's abysmal performance proved that the RPI is meaningless, and he was therefore incorrect-yet-accurate. Whatever, ass.

Since I'm eliminated in every pool, I can wholeheartedly root UW to take down UCONN. Go Brandon Roy! Go Lorenzo Romar! Though I will say that UW's PG play can be...shaky, and considering the way that felony-added Marcus Williams is playing for Connecticut, this could present a problem.

Ludicrous game winner for LSU vs. Texas A&M. With that shot, the last glimmer of hope for my chances went out the window. LSU-Duke is a potentially fun game. Big Baby vs. Landlord, etc.

I'm pessimistic about the Zags chances vs. UCLA, except that I'm not sure the Bruins have anyone who can guard Morrison: Afflalo and Bozeman are too small, and the bigs are probably not quick enough and too inexperienced. That said, Afflalo and Farmar have a huge advantage over the intramural-quality Raivio and Pierre-hyphenated French-Name.

Finally, I agree 100% this, I now hate Applebee's, I hate shrimp, I can even make a plausible case for hating sensations...but because it's stuck in my head
Just sit right back and grab some tails
The tails of some tasty shrimp
Sensations now at Applebee's
Are really worth the trip

Sauteed, crisp fried or fire grilled
Served on a handy skewer
So many shrimp you'll want to plan
A three hour touuuuur
A three hour touuuuur

So join us here this week my friends
It's time for eating good
Shrimp Sensations now at Applebees
In your neighborhood
I may even hate the upright bass, which is really too bad since it is the second coolest instrument ever (behind the digiridoo, of course.)


Hops said...

I'm no Duke hater...but I do look forward to this weekend when Big Baby bumps fists with Sheldon and says, in his best Russian accent, "You will lose".

XWL said...

Excellent thoughts on the tourney, as far as coolest instruments, my vote goes for one of these babies.

(and I know this is your blog and not a democracy, but I thought I'd vote anyway)

My not all that gutty, and not so little Bruins are going all the way.

(I can still cling to that hope)

Pooh said...

X, you realise that the only one of the ESPN talking heads to pick UCLA in the final 4 was...Dookie V. As the man says, heh.

DJ Ninja said...

I haven't seen this commercial everyone's complaining about, but if it's enough to get my man Pooh to hate on the upright bass it must be evil!

handy_skewer said...

I googled "handy skewer" to find your blog. I hated this ad at first mainly because I found it funny but couldn't figure out why. Then it clicked...

Has anyone noticed the sexual references in this ad?

After the dude's strumming and building it up to the climax of the song, the water squirts from his upright bass and hits the woman in the eye bringing a surprised smile to her face.

Completely over the top porn reference. Surely the grunts at the ad agency were having their revenge for getting stuck with this assignment.

handy_skewer said...

p.s. Go Huskies! (UW that is)