Thursday, March 23, 2006

Suck (Bring it On)

I think that one looked well, like this.

But what does it say about you that your day was made by my team losing? Haters...

BTW, this looks prescient of me:
I can already see the game Duke loses, either in the Sweet 16 or the Elite 8. They're playing a team with two big guys who can score and an athletic backcourt. Sheldon Williams is in foul trouble. JJ Redick is getting face guarded by a 6'7 guy who can run and jump.

The final stat sheet will include Williams having 20 and 15 (plus 5 fouls) in 24 minutes

JJ will shoot 4-15, with 7 whiny faces made.

Paulus will pull a Wojo-double, 14 floor-slaps, 12 shots of hot-girlfriend in the stands and an astounding 24 group hugs at the FT line.
I'm a genius. Go Zags...


Mr Furious said...

I hate Duke, but I won't gloat on ya. I expect UConn to lose this weekend also.

Go Zags indeed.

Fletch said...

I'm not sure that the image of a golden egg is quite the appropriate clipart, but I think that linking to a turd is kinda rude.

On the flip-side of all this, I believe that my main bracket is now shot. Should have submitted one of the ones where I actually picked LSU over Duke. Trust the hate.

Mr Furious said...

Damn. That was an epic choke by Gonzaga.

XWL said...

As far as Duke losing, Ha!

As far as Zags, to paraphrase a past Tom Hanks character:

Crying?! There's no crying in basketball!

(Which is not to detract from Morrison's performance during the game, I still don't know how UCLA came back in that game, bring on Memphis)

And all my brackets have UCLA in the finals, so there (and one has them against Texas)

Fletch said...

Strike the end of my earlier comment. My bracket does in fact have LSU beating Duke. And thatwas enough to push me from 3rd to 1st. Thank you JJ, I owe you my pride and dignity.

Lauren said...

you know, I hate Duke too but I really felt for them at the end of the game. Williams put the team on his shoulders and I give him a lot of credit. JJ didn't play well but he was a star this year and we can't forget that (man I am such a sap!)

Lauren said...

though Morrison's lie down on the floor and burry his head in his jersey was far more tragic.