Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bleeding From My Eyeballs

4 Screens of the Madness will do that. I admit, I am weak and could not stick out the last round at the sports bar.

Some random thoughts -

  • Florida is better than I thought. Tennesee is even worse. If Winthrop had made a shot, like, ever, they would have won by about 8.
  • I did in fact put the Curse of Poohtm on BC. Fabulous game though. Was even better while eating strawberry waffles with toast, bacon and strawberries, with several cups of decent coffee followed by a Bloody Mary. At 10 AM on a work day. Alaska Standard time occassionally doesn't suck.
  • I have a strong intuition as to the contents of the 'suspicious package' that delayed things in San Diego. CNN said it was a campus police dog that alerted. Somehow, that makes me think more along the lines of "dime bag" than "pipe bomb".
  • I might indeed be lucky enough for Billy Packer to have to shut it. Way to show up and represent the BCS, Seton Hall.
  • In case you missed it last night, the Knicks beat the Hawks in Double OT to win the NIT. And they said that Starbury and Larry Brown couldn't get along. I'm now officially surprised Isaiah didn't try to trade for Chris Webber at the deadline, just to see how toxic the atmosphere could become before FEMA became involved.
  • Good gracious Gonzaga is a tough team to cheer for. They get absolutely nothing from anybody not named "Adam", manage to give up either layups or open treys on every big defensive possession, and commit ridiculous errors themselves (an over-and-back?) And then, to paraphrase Clef, ready or not, the 'Stache is taking over.

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reader_iam said...

Maybe it's a basketball thing, but after all those strawberries, I would have gone with a Mimosa over a Bloody. (Even a Bay Bloody, which I adore.)

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