Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A New Feature: Asshole of the Week

I have respect for those who are, from time to time, unapologetic assholes. To celebrate that spirit, every Wednesday I'm going to post the most outlandish thing I've read in the past week. I intend the link itself to indicate neither endorsement nor disagreement with the position taken. Rather, it reflects a sense of awe at the author's success in embracing their inner misnathrope.

This week's winner: Slate Magazine's Steven Landsburg, who asks "Do the Poor Deserve Life Support?" and unapologetically answers "not unless they pay for it." I'd quote the most assaholic passage, but the would be just reposting the whole thing. And that violates copywrite laws, so go read it if you are inclined.

Market-libertarians say Duh. If one makes poor health care choices, thems the breaks. Others are predictably not as sanguine. The piece itself is "condescending, juvenile, obtuse, and soul cankered . . . written by a native of Alpha Centauri trying to parody Ayn Rand." As for the author: "Steven Landsburg is a dick. And I respect that."

As for the article itself, I tend to agree with this analysis which suggests that Landsburg's analysis is flawed, perhaps intentionally so, by his desire to make a shocking prounouncement which will horrify Slate's left-leaning audience. Mission accomplished, I'd say.

Update: Pops asks if I'm taking nominations. Of course. I believe this is what TMQ calls "reader animadversion". I think there are one or two of you out there, go forth and animadvert.

Update #2: Greetings RIA's Readers. Nominations are open. I am always highly eligible for this award, though you might want to stay tuned for the forthcoming series 'Why Pooh is Wrong Today.'

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Al Maviva said...

Hey, off-point comment here Pooh, but I thought you'd be interested.

My initial comments a couple weeks ago on pen registers turns out to have been correct. No warrant is needed for a pen register. However, a court order based on reasonable suspicion is required per 18 U.S.C. 2703(d). Reynolds has something that's right insofar as it goes on this, that 4th Amendment concerns aren't implicated by pen registers since they are "outside the envelope" information. That doesn't obviate the court order requirement, however; and it doesn't say anything about the FBI's ability to request transactional data after the fact, which is basically a non-real time pen register.

Yeah, I've been reading up.

I just thought you'd be interested since you were in on that discussion.

Pooh said...

Thanks Al.

mortnut said...

Do you accept nominations, or is this totally and arbitrarily Pooh-selected? If nominations are allowed, what is the deadline for submission and any other ground rules? By asking these questions, have I put myself in the running for next Wednesday's award?

Icepick said...
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Icepick said...

Yeah, mortnut's comment leads me to ask, can we self-nominate? This could provide me the inspriration to go from just being a run-of-the-mill asshole to someone who really tries to improve to great big giant-sized asshole status.

Oh, and I'm assuming you have no affiliation with Hustler magazine. Just to be safe, you'd better not add any Farts in the Wind.