Friday, January 20, 2006

Antonio Davis Runs Around the House.

Or so might Sam Cassell sayeth

Jackie Christie, Meet Kendra Davis. Kendra Davis, Jackie Christie. There might be a new Sheriff in CrazyWife Town. I'm just saying. All you need to know is she got in Latrell Sprewell's face during a game. You remember, the guy who choked his coach? (Spree might not my first pick of opponents, size differences aside. Lest we forget, a few years ago he broke is hand in altercation aboard his yacht.)

1 comment:

XWL said...

So do you think Doug would have jumped in the stands?

Or would he have realized that this was his chance at emancipation and would have tackled any security guards who attempted to break up the altercation?

(I hadn't even noticed he retired)