Sunday, January 22, 2006



On 46 shots.* In a game that was competitive until he had about 65 upon further review, at least 72. I still hate you,** Mamba, but respect. Since the suspension for neck-boning Mike Miller, Kobe is averaging 45.5 on 49% shooting. I can really only echo XWL and say "Sick". Oh, and apparently, suck it Bill Simmons.

There must have been something in the water tonight, as both FrodoLuke Ridnour and Raja Bell scored 30+. (In what looks like it was a phenomenal game)

*Generally speaking 1.3 or so points per shot attempt is acceptable. Over 1.7, over a large number of shots, is ludicrous.

** especially since you've apparently convinced the LeBrons that wearing tights is ok. You wear shorts to play basketball. Otherwise, how would the fans know that you shaved your legs before the game? (Not that there's anything...)

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