Monday, January 23, 2006


Been awhile since I checked in on The 'Stache. How has it stayed the same wispy length for two months?

Anyway, Morrison has 16 with 10:28 left in the first. No wait, he just found the DoubleDribble hotspot, faded out of bounds and hit from 23. 19 with 9:30 in the 1st.

Update: He just pulled up from off the screen with a guy in his face. 24 at the 8:00 timeout.

Ok, he took a three minute blow, back in with 5:08. Still has 24.

During a TV timeout, via Deadspin, an open letter to Kobe. From Luke Ridnour.

Back to A-Mo. Couple throws with 2:08 left, 26 for the half. This is actually a decent game aside from the StacheFactor.

Erg, missed about 4 straight shots to end the half Zags 45 San Francisco 40. How are you going to get 60 if you keep missing these off-balance runners, Adam?

Second Half: We just learned that J.P. Batista bench presses 330. Which means 20 pounds less than Earl Boykins. Zero points for our guy in the first 5 minutes of half number 2. Yawn.

12:32 - tough pull-up to stop a USF run 53-52 Zags, 28 for AM.

11:05 - 2 guys hanging on him, andone from 12. Big shot. Oh boy, Larry Bird highlights during the timeout. Simmer. Down. FT gives him 31. 58-54 Zags.

10:00 - Egregious push off leads to an offensive rebound, and a tear drop half hook in traffic. 33. 60-54

2:57 Left - Tough 8 foot baseline runner gives him 37. 71-65 Zags.

0:12.6 to go - 41 for Stache as he leaves with the zags up 9. After Kobe, I'm disappointed he ended up with 41. 84-75, Zags, final.

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Fletch said...

In fairness, I've been away from ye olde internet, but has there been no commentary about Duke's loss to the Hoyas? Tsk, tsk, tsk.