Monday, January 30, 2006

Talk to the Hand

One you do not see everyday: Following the Lady Tigers of LSU trouncing the Baylor Bears, things got heated:
"She said something very unprofessional before the game and I was responding to what she said," Mulkey-Robertson said about her remarks to Chatman during their post-game handshake. "You don't say things like that."

Chatman was not best pleased, snatching her and away with a mixture of "no she didn't" and "scoreboard, b****". (I know, incredibly sexist of me, there's no way I * that word out if it's male coaches).

Due to the magic of DVR, Kim Mulkey-Robertson, unplugged: "She doesn't have the right to tell me that. She hasn't beat me enough, she hasn't won enough to say something like that to me". Responding to the question of what Chatman said: "Why don't you ask her. And make sure her administration is here when she repeats it."

Chatman, answering the question "did you say anything unprofessional?" "Not at all. No. Not at all. You ever heard that from me before? Why now?" Followed by a classic dismissive eyeroll. I really wish I could post video. It's that good.

A question to Mulkey-Robertson, you just got beat by 31, what can you possibly have to say? If the other coach came up before the game and told you that you were getting your ass kicked tonight, guess what? You did. As for her not beating you enough, this one counts for at least 1.5, let us know how many more she needs. Also, something tells me no one makes a post-game scene at Pat Summitt and lives to tell the tale.

Needless to say, people losing poorly irritate me...

Update 1/31: Apparently, the pregame comment at issue concerned a recruiting war where Baylor 'stole' a player that LSU had received a commitment from. What. Ever. The proper response from Mulkey-Robertson would have been to nod in faux-agreement while holding up her "National Champions 2005" ring.

(parenthetically, it's good that Brett admits to being "a SORE LOSER and a GLOATING WINNER." Didn't want to have to point that out to you...)



HA HA!!! I was about to blog about this very thing!!! I still might!!! I enjoyed your post!


Okay, check my blog out now. I just wrote about the incident!