Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Pooh's Tuesday Blues

Because what's the point of having an iPod if I don't listen to everything I have. 10 of the best, randomly selected from the Electric Blues playlist:

  1. "Shake Your Tailfeather" - Ray Charles.
  2. "Like a Woman" - John Lee Hooker. From the Detroit 1948-49 recordings. One man, one guitar, one crappy amp. Brilliant.
  3. "Burning Hell" - JLH w/ Canned Heat. My absolute favorite JLH song ever.
  4. "Wall of Denial" - SRV. Is there any artist more instantly recognizable from the first note of a song than Stevie Ray?
  5. "Jacksboro Highway" - John Mayall. You know, as influential as John Mayall has been, I'm not a huge fan. The best Bluesbreakers stuff is all about Clapton anyway. Aside from "Room to Move" which is in my all time top 10 blues favorites (mostly for the extended washboard/harmonica breaks.)
  6. "Do the Boogie" - JLH. The iPod appears to be in a Hooker mood today. Another one from the early Detroit recordings.
  7. "Treat Me Like I Treat You" - Eddie Burns from the Chess Blues Guitar collection.
  8. "How Blue Can You Get?" - B.B. King. The "Live at the Regal" recording. If I may, for a moment..."I gave you a brand new Ford...you said 'I want a Cadillac'/ I bought you a ten dollar dinner...you said 'thanks for the snack'/ I let you live in my penthouse...you said it was just a shack/ I gave you seven children and now you wanna give em back..." Damn.
  9. "All Your Love I Miss Loving" - SRV. One of my favorite songs to see performed live, pretty much whoever is on stage.
  10. "I Love You" - Asie Payton - I cannot recomend this song highly enough. Similar to some of R.L. Burnside's stuff, a Blues/Hip Hop fusion. Look for a collection called "Big Bad Love" as Payton's stuff tends to be harder to find.

I'll add Amazon links later. Next week, we dip into the accoustic blues mix.


reader_iam said...

Do you remember where you were when you heard SRV had died? (Or had you stumbled on his stuff yet?)

Bet you'd never guess in a million kajillion years where I was.

VH: fibgyb

(That notwithstanding, what I'm alluding to is really, truly, true, though it's likely to surprise. I think. Hope?)

Pooh said...

I didn't get into SRV until I was about 18 or so, the first real "blues" album I ever bought was Jimi Hendrix "Blues" (with the phenomenal 7 minute instrumental of "Born Under a Bad Sign"), which lead me SRV because of his live version of "Voodoo Chile (slight return)". Unless you count the Black Crowes as blues, which I might now, but wouldn't have at the time. So in a longwinded way, no I do not remember where I was, though I'm pretty sure I first heard about it on MTV without realing understanding what it meant.

As to where you were...your wedding reception? Anchorage, Alaska? The Moon?

reader_iam said...

A biker bar.

Some day, I'll have to blog that whole story.

reader_iam said...

The wedding reception guess was funny, I don't know why. Didn't meet DH until '92.

Ron said...

Pooh, did you ever hear any of Burnside's stuff with the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion?

Hard lovin' hard drinkin' bluesman tears up a sloppy jam set with middle class punk art students from Brown U.

I recommend "A Ass Pocket Of Whiskey".

Pooh said...

Oh yeah Ron, as the man himself might say, "It's bad you know..."