Sunday, January 08, 2006

It's a Sign

So, I got talked into seeing Brokeback Mountain today. I know, I know, I said I had no desire to see it, and that's true. But sometimes, events intervene. In any event, I was savedthwarted by my generally tenuous relationship with punctuality - the show was sold out by the time I got to the theatre. (Gay cowboys are big in the 'Burg. Who knew?) Perhaps this means me and the film were not meant to be together. C'est la vie.

Anyway, this wasn't the worst thing ever, as I was in mid-TiVo of Duke-Wake Forrest, so I watched that instead. At first, it looked like it was going to follow my blueprint for a Duke loss, Sheldon picked up two quick ones ("A Sheldon can do your income taxes, if you need a root canal, Sheldon's your man... but humpin' and pumpin' is not Sheldon's strong suit."), J.J. wasn't doing much, Erik Williams was being a beast. (He looks tough BTW. He may have dropped about 15 LBS since last year. Very quick, very strong, lots of energy. Mid first-rounder.)

But then JJ went into his "Because I'm JJ Redick" routine. Which many will recognize from Vince Young's Rose Bowl performance (more on that later). I'm still unsure as to his NBA prospects, but if he can guard anybody, he might have a shot at being decent. Has there ever been a three more guaranteed then the one he hit after the Wake guy missed the dunk that could have made it a one point game? Seriously, those "5-pt swing" shots are higher percentage than the Baseline-Fallaway-Out-of-Bounds-Spot in DoubleDribble.

And I have a confession to make. I'm beginning to enjoy Greg Paulus. (He has good vision, and is more athletic than he looks. Even made a 3.) Maybe I should have gone to see Brokeback Mountain after all...

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