Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pretty Boy to Boston

So, big trade in the NBA. No, not that one, (might post about Artest-Peja later,) this one Szcerbiak, Olowokandi's collection of bongsartistic glasswork, something called Dwayne Jones and a first round pick for Ricky Davis, Marcus Banks Mark Blount (Blount for Olowokandi? Come on, did Sports Pickle get named GM of the Wolves since I moved?) and Justin Reed (who?)

I've never been a huge fan of Wally. He's a prima donna who's not nearly as good as he thinks he is, is one dimensional, and is easy to shut down. Plus, NBA small forwards having to look at the ball when dribbling behind the back offend. But, in a strange way, it's almost like losing a family member.

Otherwise, dumping Kandi is fantastic. I can't put into words the sheer awfulness of everything about him. Plus, who gets tasered for getting into a bar fight on Thanksgiving?. It's not really a secret that McHale loves Ricky Davis. Blount sucks, but he's better than Olowaskippy. Banks is a nice prospect.

In other T-Pups news, the poster child for not drafting Europeans, Nikloszz Tskivishshshshhsililili to the Suns for a sweaty pair of sox2nd round pick.

As Chuckie B. said on TNT about the first trade, "Well, that'll change the balance of power." (Neither he nor Kenny The Jet were exactly plussed by the announcement. I'd go so far as to describe them as nonplussed. But that's me.)


mortnut said...

Should be a deal that hurts both teams equally. Ainge and Lurch, those teammates of yore, must have become tired of waxing their cars and collecting recycle stuff, so decided to do some human recycling just to remind folks they were there. You woulda thought that could have gone threeway to include Larry Legend in the fun, but I guess they figured he was already getting more than his share of pub with the Ron A fiasco.

Gopher-Goof said...

The deal felt like two buddies making a fantasy football trade.