Wednesday, January 18, 2006

An offer I Can't Refuse

Ok, I know that stuff like this is pretty much costless, but what's the point?
hi sethypooh21
I saw your pic on line and you are hot
add me to msn messenger my is hottielikesguys

and lets have fun there

Wqb Knbq Mwv Vtd Fytmhiupd
Efj Llflxsm
Olga Janice
Olive Jasmine
Olympia Jazlyn

Opal Jazzy
Has anyone, ever answered that? In any way? Or am I receiving some sort of code?

Update 1/20: And this is why you don't blog angry, not that there's anything wrong with that.


Footprint said...

This is an attempt by aliens to lure human males into procreating a transgenic species...

or their from Canada...

Icepick said...

This reminds me of the email I once received advertising "The New Improved Pro-Viagra Ankle!" Previously I didn't know that there were anti-Viagra ankles.

Anonymous said...

Got that message from hottielikesguys. Also got the same message from natalie86hot. I don't usually read these junk letters, but thought I'd see who else get them.

jadefe said...

you are not the only one..!!
i'm hot too..!!

hi jadefe
I saw your pic on line and you are hot
add me to msn messenger my is hottielikesguys

and lets have fun there

Pui Wejirgva Bw Oekj Vivrkswgv
Gttj Ugp
Makenzie HEDDA
Brittany HEIDI


reader_iam said...

What I can't figure out is why I, via my "real" e-mail addresses, which definitively indicate that I'm a girl, get these kind of messages.

I'm unundated with Viagra, for example, virtually speaking.


Anonymous said...

Ooh my god,
and I thought the *itch was sincere.
Seems she didn't stop at my pic alone.
Too bad I didn't know if she was at hotmail or another, but i got it from Tegan Sahiba

Anonymous said...

I did a search on her screen name, and aparetly it is a way for people to advertise for a web-cam pornsite. (This is waht I found:

It cought me off gaurd at first as well, but I actually go by my MSN account name. But I knew better to do a search on her screen name "natalie86hot" just to see what dirt i could dig up, and i found some. LOL
Just rememebr if your not sure on soemthing, jsut do a search on MSN. ;)

LordMasterK said...

I too have also recieved numerous emails like that and some other ones that somehow say they recieved my message from a dating site and then give me a link to access there personal site. its getting really annoying.

mike said...

seem to be getting this freaky...message all the wz ok for a while...bcos..its only one but now it seems to be do u get this to stop....please