Saturday, January 14, 2006

"Still confused, but often witty"

XWL pegs me just about right. Of course on many subjects, he confuses "correct" with "confused", but we'll let that little gaffe slide. Others have different thoughts on the subject of Pooh:

"Coming from a halfwit like you, I'll take that as a compliment" - commenter Darrell from Balloon Juice.

"Nakedly partisan and activist" - 'Professor' Ann Altmouse.

"Raving Moonbat" - Darrell. Again.

"A neurotic Alaskan" - Jake

"Lying Asshole" - Darrell. Who doesn't seem to like me at all.

"Disabler" - Everyone I know in real life.

Openish comments for anyone who wants to pile on...


demimondian said...

"Sloppy blogger who puts dead links to Altmouse on the fornt page."

reader_iam said...

"Seeker of responsibilitation"

Pooh said...

Dead links? Where? You need to improve the quality of your comments (to blatantly plagirize...)

demimondian said...

Well, I'll be. The Altmouse link gave me an Apache error when I tried to chase it before, but it's live now.

Oh, well.

And I wouldn't worry about stealing from Darrell. In order to have intellectual property, one must first have intellect.

XWL said...

"Disabler" - Everyone I know in real life.

Better that than an 'Enabler'.

Glad my little blurb inspired your ruminations.

And you know I'm right (even if I was being modest at the time) about Disney.

Kaiser said...

Having been "disabled" personally many times by Pooh, I would sumbit that he would be better off as an Enabler. At least I'd be drunk a lot more...