Monday, January 02, 2006

Sony Loves Company

Virgin Records has joined the "Fuck You, Music Lovers" campaign.

Note that this disclosure is only visible once one opens the CD, where one is informed
Except for manufacturing problems, we do not accept product exchange, return or refund.
Of course, I might describe a CD that, you know, doesn't play in my CD player as having a 'manufacturing problem', but somehow I think that Virgin views it differently. Of course, since I think Cold Play is pretentious shite this doesn't affect me. (and looking at Virgin's Roster of 'talent', it's unclear that it will ever. Except for *sigh* The Stones.)

My general New Years "Everything is crap" mood is not helped by this in the least.

(h/t: Prof. Solove)


bill said...

That is a sad and disturbing list of disallowed devices. It is quite possible that I'd have no way of playing that CD. We don't have a stereo, all CDs are ripped to the computer (iMac) so we can use it as a jukebox. We'll hook the iPods up to auxilary speakers for music elsewhere in the house or yard and the iPods are used in the car.

Physical CDs are boxed and in the basement with plans to ditch the jewel cases, transfer CDs and liner notes to notebooks, and return to the basement. My daughter does have an old CD player; but I burn copies or mix CDs so the originals aren't scratched.

Speaking generically and not of Coldplay, I'm not interested in illegal downloads, but if you treat me like a criminal and make it all but impossible to use what I bought how I want to use it, don't be surprised if I start to act like a criminal.

Icepick said...

Pooh, look at the bright side. This is just one more example of the record companies shooting themselves in the head.

People want music (demand), so the market will ultimately give it to them (supply). But no one said it has to be the asshats who've dominated the biz for the last several decades. And the faster the record companies kill themselves, the sooner we can get screwed by Steve Jobs! Now THAT'S optimism!

Pooh said...

pick, that does help. Thanks bud!

Icepick said...

You're welcome. I live to serve.