Sunday, January 15, 2006

David Stern, NFL, Redux

Oh. My. Goodness.

Is Peyton Manning going to start Hulking-up on the sideline? I half expect someone to come from the sideline and crunch Bettis with a metal chair.

Update: Justice prevails. Shannon Sharpe just called out the horrible officiating. Will the NFL fine him a game check?

Update 2: Poor John at Balloon Juice. Die hard Steelers fan that he is, the game was a little rough on him:

Go Black and Gold!

*** Update ***

Halftime, Steelers leading 14-3. About as good as I could have hoped for.

*** Update ***

If the refs ove8rturn this interception by Polamolu, they are actively trying to give the game to the Colts.

*** Update ***I

between the pass interference call, the non-call on the offsides, and that bs int, the game is fixed.

*** Update ***

I can’t even watch the last four mintues, because this game is fixed and I am going to have a heart attack. Non-call on the blatant PI on Randel El, the non-call when the entire Colts was offside, and overturnjing that INT. Total Bullshit.

*** Update ***

We fight the refs and win, and the blow it on the 2 yard line. I fucking quit.

*** Update ***

Any questions I may have had about the health of my heart have been answered. If I lived through that, I am fine. My God. I need a drink.

Update 3: Schadenfreude

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Icepick said...

Spare me the talk about thte blown pass interference call in the Steelers-Colts game. On an earlier drive in the game Rothlisberger hit a long pass down the field. At the end of the play, they called a facemask penalty on a Colts DB. So far, so good. But the replays clearly showed that the Steeler receiver had also grabbed the DB's facemask and damn near ripped his head off. That should have been offsetting penalties, and the down should have been replayed. No big completion for the Steelers, and quite possibly they end up in a 7-0 ballgame instead of a 14-0 ballgame. The interference call later was a make-up call.

The bigger concern should be that NFL officiating has gotten so bad that officials NEED to have make-up calls to keep things balanced. This is a sign of the End Times.