Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"I'm gonna tell ya ... if I see this guy Bill Simmons, oh, it's gonna be a problem with me and him ..."

Isaiah Thomas, Worst. General. Manager. Ever. calls out the Sports Guy. Read the whole thing. Do it now. And then cast your vote as to Quien es Mas Macho. A few of the comments on the poll link are priceless:
Isaiah thomas wins obviously but i think the following poll questions could be better:

who do New Yorkers back up in the fight?

Bill Simmons or Thomas (Simmons)

who do knick players back up in the fight?

Bill Simmons or Thomas (Simmons)

you get where i am going with this? in fact i think the only people who help thomas are other NBA GMs because Thomas always make them the 2nd, 3rd, 4th worst GM in the NBA or allow them to say "well at least i didn't do what Thomas did i n NY"

Somebody get the popcorn...

Update 1/18: Isaiah wins, by a surprisingly slim 54-46 margin. By the transitive property of macho, Mark Cuban could kick Zeke's ass. [CheapShot]But at least Simmons is outpolling the Prez.[/CheapShot]


Icepick said...

The Knicks deserve what Zeke is doing to them. With the track record he has had, it's amazing the Knocks are still in business. And he gets no credit for hiring Larry Brown. ANY idiot could have hired LB to coach the Knicks. Hell, the man VOLUNTARILY coached the Clippers!

The intriguing question to me is will Zeke quit before he's fired? And where will he end up next? I predict that in order to insure our drive to the bottom, the Orlando Magic will hire him when he's available.

reader_iam said...

Can't say what I wanna say.

Long live the NBA, though, and the NCAA as well.

Keeps family in food, dontcha know.

Pooh said...

Isaiah Thomas's ability to fail upward after he left the game is simply amazing to me. The thing I like most about sports is the inherent meritocracy, and then someone like Zeke comes in and turns that on it's head. It offends me. It boggles my mind (yes RIA, like Cookie Monster's eyes). And as often as people note that the emperor in fact has no clothes, he still gets hired again and again...

(it's all I can do to not draw certain parallels explicitly)

(ok, the moment has passed)

Pooh said...

RIA, please don't hold back. This is emphatically NOT a family blog...