Monday, January 30, 2006

AHW: Call for Nominations, I'm Blegging You

You never know, I might actually have to do some work this week, and thus be unable to find the worst offenders of the past several days.

So, what do we think? This vigilante judge who apparently hates Cyndia Lauper? (And BTW, the fact that the Detroit Free Press's website is "Freep.Com" is just a little off-putting...)

How about these ref's for giving a technical foul to a coach for collapsing on the court. Apparently, having a coronary is only ok if you do it inside the coach's box.

Or is it something infinitely more terrifying and truthiful? Help me help you.


reader_iam said...

The refs!

DH says there's a precedent for that in football, where if a players is injured and it causes stoppage of play right near the end of a half, that player's team is assessed a time out.

Now, tell me again how sports make sense?

XWL said...

LA City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo as far as a nominee.

Utterly useless.

bill said...

ME. Because I've never won anything.

That's not true. I just wanted to see if I could trick anyone out of a second of pity. Which, itself is kind of an asshole thing to do. ME!

Cindy Sheehan.

mortnut said...

Well we do have the Enron Two heading to trial this week--but, alas, I assume you must follow the presumption of non-ass hole-ery until the jury has ruled . . . .

And Dubya has his state of confusion address tonight, which one can safely assume in advance will put him in the running--but he's one of those life time achievement guys who you don't consider, right?

Or have you checked out the film clip of former AG Janet Reno rocking out with Aretha Franklin? (It is linked on the CNN site) Very scary! Though maybe you got to give it up to her for trying . . .

Final suggestion--the two Senators from Mass for pathetically pushing a fillibuster on the Alito nomination. Talk about way too little, way too late. As you have noted, after the dems failed to bring their A game to the confirmation hearings, this gesture was tres petty and does more to undercut rather than underscore legit concerns about Sammy A being a troglodyte on many important issues.

bill said...

Seriously? Devo