Saturday, January 28, 2006

SawxBlogging: I Won't Make the Joke in the Headline

But I will right now: I'm kookoo for CoCo Crisp.

Quick analysis shows something. Here are the two batting lines:

.300/.345/.465 16HR
.316./.366/.439 10 HR

Not a lot of difference. One is 26 and will make under $1mil about $3 mil. this year. The other in 32 and will make 1 Billion dollars over the next 4 years. Oh yeah, and one stat line is inflated by playing 80 games at Fenway (50 point bump in OPS at home). I have no idea what kind of arm Crisp has, but it literally cannot be worse. He's also a good clubhouse guy.

Essentially the trade is Renteria for Crisp, and I'd do that in a heartbeat. Too bad to have to throw Shoppach in, but oh well. Now, Theo, give us a shortstop.

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