Sunday, January 08, 2006

Doth I Protest Too Much?

So the S-Rat calls me out and says that I am geekier than she is, per this test. And she's RIGHT. I am 29.78304% Total Geek. Meanwhile, Steph, whose job is best described as "Professional Uber-Geek" scores 22%, or merely "A Geek". Oh well, damn the photon torpedos, full speed ahead.

UPDATE 1/10: In the comments, RIA admits to out geeking me. I am saved!


mortnut said...

That Slat Rat knew the picture you posted was some Wesley Crusher, or whatever, clearly makes her a bigger geek than you ever dreamed of being. You, spawn of Poser!

Slat Rat said...

Of course I'm right. Ask Papa Pooh - I'm always right!

Fletch said...

Man, computer geeks are more exclusive in their rankings than I would have guessed. I am well on my way to being a librarian, and I only scored 17%! There is something wrong here. Perhaps I will now stop watching Bravo and move completely over to the History Channel.

Kaiser said...

Wow. Even I am only 15.58% geek, and I get paid to be one. Impressive Pooh.

Frankie said...

13.6 %, and like Josh, I am paid to be one!

reader_iam said...

Damnit, Pooh, between you and a couple of other sites, I'm having to reassess my own darn self image!

Score: 30.76923

Two jaw-droppers within a week!

And, being honest, I didn't even give myself credit for things that I once knew inside out but couldn't instantly recall in large enough volume (think: all the character questions relating to Lord of the Rings, for example, and there are others).

And there's no way to get "extra credit" for having three--count 'em--three dogs currently, each of which have two names, both of which are those of scientists/mathematicians.

Also, I saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show something like 65x--BEFORE I got a job at the theatre that screened it in my town cleaning up after showings of RHP and other midnight movies. I don't count all the countless times I saw that picture once I could do so free, nor on videotape/dvd since.

And it's my HUSBAND that's the geek around here, not me, damnit! I'm supposed to be the arty news-junkie. Now I'm going to have to force him to take this test, just to make sure my world hasn't suddenly and completely spun off its axis.

Help me.

reader_iam said...

I also had to laugh my ass off that one of the questions asked whether I listed to They Might Be Giants, when I had just done a post earlier this morning which not only mentioned that group, but linked to its website and to one listing lyrics for I Palindrome I. AND I had even been listening to TMBG's "Apollo 18" this morning, because that post.

Is that an earthquake of convergence I feel rocking my world?


Lauren said...

Poser stauts!