Saturday, October 15, 2005

Pooh's Tube

Mostly because I need a place holder for the index over yonder ------>

The non-sports TV shows I watch on the regular:

  • The Wire: Gritty, dramatic, funny at times, well-acted, topical, massively quotable (when the new season starts, I might have to run an "Omar Line of the Week").
  • Deadwood: See above, but replace "Omar" with "Swearengen".
  • The West Wing: At this point, I'm just playing out the string, I've made it this far, I'm in til the bitter end, especially since rumor has it that Josh and Donna are gonna, you know, do it...
  • The Shield: Hyperkenetic, largely amoral and perhaps immoral lead character, but he gets you to go with it. The fact that the series opens with a cold-blooded murder of a colleague by the protoganist, and you're still with him is unsettling.
  • Lost: Definite growing pains in this, the second season.
  • Daily Show/Colbert Report/Bill Maher.

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