Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Other Side (Of the Island)

It's a good thing I have a DVR. Apparently its a bad idea to have your internet connection zotz while updating your blogger template. I barely finished reconstructing my lovingly maintained and vetted blogroll, when the Laker game switched off (no this is not my 5th sports post in a row, don't worry.) and...Freddie Prinze??? Oh that's the end of the show BEFORE Lost, but I'm here with Michelle Rodriguez. Nothing ever bad about that. Unless you are Maggie Grace and you got removed from the gravy train last week (or maybe you didn't. Is this all just an extended Boone hallucination? Don't push the button...)

Anyhoo, arresting right from the start this one was. It is clear that the original castaways had to be the focus of the show, mostly because they are more attractive as a rule than the "Tailaways", aside from the aforementioned Ana-Lucia (Rodiriguez), who's frankly to scary to have a crush on. Or not. Some are into the whole "spear me with a splintery stick" thing.

Goodwin, clearly an Other from the start (running from the jungle and, WAIT A MINUTE, Jack got thrown into the jungle in the Pilot, so it could happen. Though the tail landed in the water and the body of the plane didn't. Hrm...) I must say his body was very well preserved for having been in the jungle for 20 or so days (or was it 15, 16, 23, 42...DON'T PUSH THE BUTTON damnit...)

Mr. Ecko is a bad, bad man. Is he from Nigeria? Is he a smack dealer? Will he and Charlie have some things to discuss? The little boy had a teddy bear, which got taken with him.

I'm actually a bit peeved at the show for one thing they reminded me of. When Sawyer and Michael wash up on the beach, and Jin runs up, they do the camera work on Mr. Ecko kicking ass the same way they shoot the actual others. Blatant cinematic cheating.

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