Saturday, November 26, 2005

Annika Sorenstam: Anti-Feminist?

Anyone who watches Sportscenter tonight will no doubt see the clip of Sorenstam outdriving Fred Funk (a dead ringer for Dr. Kelso, I might add) during thw skins game, followed by her pulling a skirt out of her golf bag for him to wear. Personally, that's funny ("HIT THE BALL, Alice" or "does your husband play too?" being the height of golf wit) but I'm honeslty curious how long it will take for someone to take Annika to task for trivializing and reinforcing 'traditional gender rolls'. Ain't PC Grand?

(Head nod: Reader_IAM)

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Jake said...

I was wondering about this, too. I think the problem is not that it implies that Funk "hits like a girl" so much as that he should feel embarrassed to wear a skirt. I dunno, it seems relatively harmless to me, and it's indisputably good-natured fun (at least this instance).

Also, did you notice that in the espn article they make a reference to Tiger Woods saying something hilarious and ribald? Any idea what it was?