Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Et Tu, Sammy?

In a dramatic flip flop, blogging SCOTUS nominee Samuel Alito has withdrawn his support for the embattled A3G. Despite an alleged message from A3G, (reading in part: "I don't know if the blog is ever going to go back on, but there are some really positive things happening that I can't talk about in detail for a few days. Just stay posted"), I really think it's unfortunate that the Hon. Alito goes so far as to suggest that empowering a Special Prosecutor is in order. Though the A3G-David Lat story has barely reached the MainStream Media, this may be the last straw for many. I know it is for me. Though I was not impressed by yesterday's revelations of Alito's leanings, (though I hope in 20 years I am not held to anything I said to get my current job...) I was ready to look past it. But no more.

Though, via How Apealling (the Official Provider of A3G information) we at last get some good news. Money quote:
Friends who've spoken with him in the last few days say 1) that David's "outing" was totally voluntarily and 2) that he'd never broached the subject with his superiors before yesterday afternoon
er wait, I said good news...And if that isn't enough, further legal troubles may ensue. Methinks we have seen the last of fair A3G.

Update: apparently a few have taken the "Sam Alito at Blogspot" thing a leetle too seriously, so some of the above links may or may not work. Seriously people...

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