Thursday, November 10, 2005

I Pick Good

Apparently, my probnostication skills are deteriorating. First, I pick the Sawx to beat the, well Sox. That worked out not well. Then I picked the 'stros to win in 5, which was close, in that they could have won all 4 games. But the real dooze was my logically based intuition that John Locke was not long for Lost.

Of course, Shannon's apparent death was clearly on the cards from the moment of the "what the hell are ballerinas doing in my flashback...oh Shannon had a job...wait this is Shannon's episode...D-E-D, ded" scene. Or it would have been to me, had I not watched in slightly inebriated condition.* Of course, there is no way Sawyer was dying because, well, they hinted that Sawyer would die. So naturally, he can't.

Wet-Walt showed up again, which is cool. Unfortunately, I can't play things backwards on my DVR to see what he was trying to say ("Don't push the button" is apparently what he said the first time he showed up...) [Update: according to EW Wet-Walt sayeth: 'they're coming and they're close.' Which in retrospect is true...]

Other then that, not really much to this one. Shannon just needed someone to believe in her, now she's dead. *Shrug* And we don't get to see the Kate** for at least two more weeks since next week is the "Re-Pilot" episode. Which actually might give us some useful information about the Others (and could, if poorly done, be the shark-jump moment...). Incidentally, the best use of Pilot Part Deux I can remember was in The Shield (Season 2, episode 9), which I love. (Glenn Close was awesome last season as the hard-ass captain...).


*more thoughts on this later

** My mother is not the ideal audience for this show since she asks "How are her armpits always cleanly shaven." Just go with it...

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