Wednesday, October 19, 2005

4-8-15-16-23-42. (or Lost gets found)

Best episode of the season. And not really close. The weird-shit-on-screen factor certainly continued (though who doesn't want to see a Korean running through Other-infested jungle carrying a hockey stick for protection...on second thought, I guess its a boomerang fastened onto the end of a pole. I would have bought the stick though. Hockey is back, baby.

I always dig the Sun-Jin flashbacks, though the "It's my darkest hour...hey look, its Terry O'Quinn to offer pearls of wisdom" thing might get heard it here first, Locke is dead in three weeks. 3 reasons for my thinking: A) Big Scary African dude is going to be the new Island Dungeon Master. B) The annoying factor just mentioned. Has he helped everyone out yet? His work here is done. C) Was it me or did he have the "I'm still going to get paid for when I come back in flashbacks, right?" look when he delivered the eminently portentious line "I'm no longer LOST. Hey, this show is called Lost..did everybody get that or have TiVo to watch it again?"

Plus, it was reasonably obvious that funny-bald Hahvahd man (I wonder if saying "I went to school in Boston" means the same other places as it does here...should I start referring to Northfield as the Boston of the Midwest?) was gay married to some American chick, and that Sun buried her ring with the Message in a Bottle. Oh and she met Jin when she wasn't even looking for love...Next on ABCFamily, finding love without even looking.

Speaking of Love, we have a nice quadrangle shaping up, Sawyer/Jack/Kate/Girlfight Chick. (Unless Sawyer dies because Kate didn't get to say good bye. No, I'm sticking with my original pick...but you heard that here first also, just in case.)

No Boom before the ending "Lost" this time. Ruined my whole week.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, I think most folks brag that Boston is the Northfield of the East. And why not (though I am sure folks from Schenectady would disagree).