Sunday, October 23, 2005

NFW with a pinch of WATFO (game 2)

Its amazing how sports conitnues to throw up moments that make you say "No F'in Way", though, if you watch enough, that sometimes changes into a more sarcastic "What Are the F****n Odds?" (not sure of the genesis of WATFO, but I think its from a scene in Hudson Hawk where Danny Aiello avoids death in unlikely ways...What Are the F'in Odds? Well pretty good, because it's in the script...)

Anyway, Game 2 of the World Series was just chock full of those kind of things. Biggio drops a popfly to let in a run, NFW... More curious musical choices, NFW (ok, I dug Lou Rawls, and 12-year-old trumpet boy was better then Liz Phair. Good thing the Cubs aren't playing because then she'd be Exiled in Boystown...sorry, couldn't resist.) FOX misses Enseberg's HR to show us more Prison Break promos... WATFO?

Another blown call in a big spot, NFW. (Though how can you kill the ump for missing that one? No way he can see it with the catcher and Dye between him and the ball, and, especially with all the arm padding hitters are wearing, with glancing contact, how can he tell by sound?) Grand Slam next pitch to magnify the error? Was their anything else even remotely possible?

Which leads me into a digression. The Bosmos got murdered in the press a few years back for their 'bullpen by committee' thing. Which they should have, because all their relievers sucked. However, the underlying Jamesian point was that 9th inning closers were overrated, and in fact your best reliever should be facing the most important hitters. Hence, shouldn't Lidge have come on to face Konerko? (Well, as we now know, the 'stros needed Vaughan, Rick Vaughan, but its not like he could have faired worse then Qualls in that spot.)

That being said, Refrigerator Jenks looked distinctly mortal. As overpowered as Bags was yesterday, he finally got his due after hitting the ball hard every time tonight. I was, to put it mildly, confused, by the choice of Vizcaino with Palmeiro and Lamb on the bench (34 HR in a 17 year career? Let's send him up to try and turn around the Bubba-Ball) but of course that worked out. It looked like Podsednik might have had a play on Burke at 3rd, but send em in anyway. He beats it out. NFW. (which of course leads the Geeze to opine "rough night for Podsednik so far." Pop, I don't know how to tell you this, but you are something of a goocher at times...)

Lidge giving up a game winner. Again? Believable, if barely. To Scott Podesdnik? (Somehow Scott Fucking Podsednik doesn't have the same ring or rhythm as BFD or AFB...Of course, as Baseball Crank points out, it's not exactly unprecedented for someone to be a very unlikely walk-off hero. Go Crazy, Folks! Of course, Buck and McCarver may have had something to do with it, as for the whole at-bat they had the "Bad Taste in the Mouth" conversation going because, hey, NFW Scott Podsednik hits one right?

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Anonymous said...

Somehow, I am thinking that being a goocher is not a good thing. Is it goocher-esque to ask?