Friday, October 14, 2005


So, I think Lost is the best show on network TV since Sorkin left The Wing. But part of what made the show so appealing was the flashbacks, and so far this season, they've been slightly milquetoast (highlighted by the useless Michael flashback from the second episode). There is also a sinking suspicion that the creators are just mind-fucking us, that they don't really have a plan and are just throwing weird crap up there. Plus if one more person on any of those message boards says 'it's so obvious that they are all dead, and in purgatory'... (so what, Boone went to heaven because he stopped Crushing on his (half)sister? Good thing to know the bar is so low, though the Onion appears to disagree.)

Relatedly, I think Entertainment Weekly has the best Lost coverage, including TV Watch, sort of a bloggy comment on the show. Also, Stephen King tells it like it is to the show's creators.

Anyway, here's hoping they can strike the balance between keeping the show mysterious, while providing some answers...

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