Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Astros - White Sox yasay?

Ok, I admit, I'm a little surprised that the 'Stros overcame Monday's stomach punch loss. But not that surprised. Tony La Russa teams are not especially noted for their heart, (me, I'm all heart, m**********r) but this one kinda takes the cake. Pooh-Holes (who, for eponymical purposes, has to be one of my favorite players) goes all Dave Henderson for them, and then turn around and lay an absolute egg. 3 wild pitches? 1 run? La Russa is beginning to seem like a bit of a Tom Coughlin type: If they win, he's a genius, if they lose, well the players still have to execute/the umps have to get it right. Please.

As for the World Series, Astros in five.

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