Sunday, October 16, 2005

USC - Worthy Champs.

I don't watch a whole lot of college football, but I'm glad I made time for that Notre Dame-USC game. Made the mistake of calling Platonic (who undergradded as a Golden-Domer, cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame) duing halftime to congratulate her on her bar passage, and of course she was at an Irish bar, watching the Irish. It was loud. When I talked to her after the game, it was less loud.

But even if I didn't hate ND football (which I do with a passion, almost got into a brawl with Platonic's father-in-law at her wedding over the issue over whether race played a part in the Ty Willingham firing. Of COURSE it played a part...clearly Charlie Weis is a better coach, but you're telling me George O'Leary doesn't get one more year?), have to love the way USC won it. They took several of ND's best shots (pretty good shots, I might add), and came back, with Reggie Bush looking like the Real Deal, and Matt Leinart showing why he's the most popular athelte in LA. Plus, going for it at the end instead of playing for OT...maybe stupid, but definitely ballsy. I love that kind of stuff.

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