Tuesday, October 25, 2005

If You Are Scoring at Home, or Even if You Are By Yourself

Thanks to Sports Guy's Intern, I come to learn that the late (of sportscenter, at least), lamented Keith Olbermann has a blog. In which he bitch slaps Roger Clemens. Makes me long for the glory days of the Big Show.

Personally, I enjoy the vitriol Simmons heaps on the Rocket, but I'm conflicted as to how I feel about him. He and Reggie Lewis were my first 'favorite' athletes, so there's always a soft spot there. His departure from the Red Sox was bitter, but that was more Duquette. However, he did mail in his last couple seasons for us, and then (re)turned into a workout demon to crush for the Blue Jays, before the giant "F You!" to Boston by engineering a move to the MFY's. (The fact that he did the same thing to Steinbrenner by 'retiring' then signing with the 'stros, well, turnabout is fair play.)

He is by most accounts, a great teammate. Wears bling when not pitching (I wish I could find a photo of him wearing about a 4-inch rope in the dugout during game 2...). Makes Andy Petitte better (like Petitte needs it...). Good guy, good father. And he's the best (sustained) right handed pitcher of the DH era. You kinda have to respect that.

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