Monday, October 24, 2005

What I Am?

This 'serious' blogging thing has been eye-opening for me in many ways*. The first, as I've previously mentioned , is the sheer breadth of stuff people have put out there. Some of it is good. Some of it is funny. Some is both, some is neither. But in looking at a wide variety of blogs, I've seen an equally wide range of opinions, attitudes and styles. Which leads me to question where I fit in. I'm not talking about Big Question 'Where Do I Fit In?', but rather what do I really think and feel about stuff.

As much of what I've been reading concerns the Miers nomination (for a combination of professional and personal reasons. Hey, I'm a law clerk, SCOTUS is like a combination of porn and the NFLNBA...), I've been reading a lot more about politics and its inner workings since the time when I was almost a PoliSci major. Especially in the context of Miers, its very hard to tell where various bloggers are 'coming from'. I find myself agreeing with people who I would have considered my polar opposite. I was born a liberal democrat, and still (I guess) consider myself one. Why then do I find myself agreeing with libertarians and conservatives, meanwhile, finding much of the liberal commentary either shrill or as idealogically bankrupt as anything Rove has every produced (e.g., those who 'support Miers because she will be ineffectual on a "next one will be worse" theory.)?

Basically, the Miers nomination has become a referendum on my own philosophy. How can I deride her for lacking an analyitcal framework when I lack one myself? I guess stay tuned.

*previously, I blogged about poker, poker and more poker. But playing and talking only about poker made Pooh a dull (and slightly puffy) guy

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