Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Alaska Day!

What is Alaska Day? I have no idea of the signigicance. Well that's not true. It's officially a holiday for at least the Alaska Court System, though schools are still in session. Of course, being the dedicated (har) public servant (har har) that I am, I'm here for a few hours working on [redacted] (stupid ethics rules.) (This stuff is really juicy, I'm telling you.)

Other fun stuff today: Mom is taking me to look at a condo she's thinking of buying, where (hint hint), I could (hint hint) live, should I choose to stay in the 'burg. (At least the Geeze was up front and said "I want you to stay here").

Meeting Sheavon's kid for the first time later, we're going bowling. Don't need nothing, but a good time.

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Anonymous said...

Pooh Mon--Blogster! Who knew. (What is with the funny letter stuff you have to "verify" to make a comment--what are you a Ticket Master wannabe?