Friday, October 21, 2005

Dead DyingVery Healthy, Thank You, Horses Being Beaten

Despite ominous tidings the "Harriet or Hell" push continues apace (despite another disturbing piece of news).

And thanks to the funky libertarians over at Volokh, we get this report on her public presence:

She struck me as surprisingly unprepared and inarticulate (much like Bush himself). Indeed, she and Dubyah appear to be graduates of the same public speaking seminar . . . and that isn't a compliment. I think we are in for a lot of Supreme Court opinions with lines like "We're getting after 'em. We're smoking 'em out. We want 'em dead or alive" and "After reading the opinion below, I'm tellin' ya, the lower court did one heckuva job."
Did pre-Justice Thomas look this bad at the equivalent time (even excepting Anita Hill)?

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