Saturday, October 22, 2005

Someone Else Gives Me a Bar Game Personna

Usually, for Josh's bar game, one has to come up with their gimmick, their conceit, their je ne se bullshit all on their own. So, certainly a new one for me last night when one was handed to me on a platter. I was told, by a woman who works as a probations officer no less, that I looked like I was a former felon. She quickly ammended to 'white collar' (thanks...I think...), and proceeded to check my ankles for a lo-jack. To quote Big Willy from years of yore, "I think I handled that pretty well." Has someone invented the reverse bar game and not informed me?

Aside from that, there are things about the 'burg that are beginning not to totally suck. I've actually run across a few decent local bands, last night being a good example. They were called Rebel Blues or something like that, which was odd, because in true coffee-talk style, they seemed neither Rebellious, nor did they play much Blues (for the first set at least), discuss... They were mostly a jam band that played everything from Ice Ice Baby to Friends in Low Places, except they played them all to What I Got. But the guitar player was quite good, pulling the BB King Face:

on command and ripping into some quality SRV. The highlight, for me, was when some five-nuthin, buck-nuthin girl (who I mocked for wearing sunglasses indoors), jumped up on stage and went all Koko Taylor on "Night Time Is the Right Time". So that was good times, even for an old crook like me...

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