Friday, November 25, 2005

Sharpening Their Knives

RSN speaks.

A bit harsh you ask? Probably, though Schill is pissed:
Oh btw, as I said about CHB [POOH: That's SOSHspeak for Dan Shaugnessy. It means Curly Haired Boyfriend...] and the article, why did that article have to be written? Did ANYONE here give 2 shits about the content of the article? Did it tell you anything you DIDN'T know about Theo, LL and their relationship? Or were you, like me, sick to your stomach reading an ass kissing editorial on just how incredibly unbelievably thankful Theo should be to a few people in the Sox organization? After paragraph 1 it was painfully obvious to me that this was just another case of a member of the media being flat out abused by someone to further a personal viewpoint or agenda. But that's not the first time he's had it happen to him since I have been here.
As Peter Gammons said, "[t]he curse, as most everyone now realises, was management and pitching". We've addressed the latter to a degree. As for the former, well, I'm less than enthused...

Head nod: The Crank

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