Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"You Makin Me Crazy"

Your VP: A throwback 1930's Hollywood twirly-mustache types:

picture from Hit & Run.

Willfull instransigence such as this drives me batty. Specifically:
Shortly after stepping off a plane at Dulles Airport last week, Rep. Duncan Hunter was on a cell phone delivering a surprisingly stern message to a few reporters. Coverage of the debate in the Senate to "ban" the use of torture, the Armed Services Committee chairman said, was inaccurate and unfair.

Mr. Hunter's beef was that it is already illegal for any American to torture someone overseas and such a crime is punishable of up to 20 years in prison, or execution if the torture victim dies. To underscore his point, Mr. Hunter followed up on Tuesday with a press release noting that "contrary to widespread media reports, torture is [already] banned under American criminal laws." The release included copies of the applicable criminal code.
Then why the hell would you, (led by the above pictured Boss Cheney) oppose being double-extra-super sure that torturing is not, in fact legal? If we don't tourture, how does passing one more law saying "don't torture" hurt anything? The "ticking bomb" scenario has been discussed elsewhere, and if it needs to get done, it will get done. But, since we have "Vice-President for torture", (and also a Vice-President for backtracking from unseemly personal attacks on an Ex-Marine who could kick your ass, and a Vice President for fallacious reasoning...btw, comments to last link are outstanding) we get to look to the rest of the world (who kinda matter, because there are a lot of them...) like we don't really give a shit about democracy. Which of course we don't.

But hey, at least it broke me out of my weekend funk.


Frankie said...

You know, it's funny - I read your Pooh on Politics section and we have the exact same views and reasonings...amazing!

Pooh said...

Great minds...(Alternatively, minds at similar levels of mediocrity...)

Branedy said...

Could it just be 'Common Sense' which seems to be so uncommon these days.

I believe treatening a veto over a torture amendment, and claiming you don't torture, are opposite ends of the stick.

And guess what, you only get to hold on to one end of the stick at a time.