Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thoughts From the Food Coma

So, after another year of the Thanksgiving two-step (another unintended consequence of no-fault divorce laws...), I'm sitting, whale-lake, on my big puffy recliner contemplating such things as how wonderful is iTunes. (Downloaded last night's Lost after the DVR mishap. It worked seamlessly, and the episode was spectacular. Of course, watching without commercials probably adds greatly to the experience...)

Coherent thought on more meaningful topics occasionally threaten to take shape, but nothing comes of it. And, concerning my general tendancy to overanalyze, is ok.

Back to Scrubs Season 2 on DVD. How come there are funny doctor comedies, but not so much with funny lawyer shows, despite the prevelance of lawyer jokes?

Do I really have to go to work tommorow?

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