Friday, November 25, 2005


PoliticalPublic figures often do things that make you think, "Boy, you've got alotta balls to try that mess." Be it RaffiRoidMan wagging a finger at Congress, Bob Dole pimping viagra or Ali G responding to Kazakhstan in character (perhaps my favorite story of the week).

However, sometimes, certain people take the cake. I'm not even sure I need a joke here, so I'll just give the straight line: Ex-FEMA Head Starts Disaster Planning Firm. And, no, that link is not to the Onion.

Actually, I do got jokes, but in my effort to cut down on my own snark, I'll just go with one, and that is, I thought a better career choice would have been to act as a spokesmodel for Southwest Airlines: "Want to get away?"

Alternatively, my source for this item, Reader_IAM suggests "Unprepared? Been There, Done That."


Frankie said...

Is it Chutzpah...or just plain lunacy?

And SBC responding as Borat?

SighI love that man - Cohen, not Borat!

reader_iam said...

Hi, Pooh.

Thanks for the link, both in your post and in your blogroll. I'm still working at getting the blogroll up at my place ... something about which I need to light a fire under myself. I screwed up my whole darn template the first time I attempted to do it in what I thought would be a quick way, but that's no excuse. I will CERTAINLY be returning the favor, though, never fear.

Love the Southwest reference. Taking it a step further, wouldn't you just love to see him as an attendant? Wouldn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy, if I had reason to think we might have to "experience some turbulence."

Pooh said...

Frankie, it's chutzpah which "in Hebrew chutzpah is used indignantly, to describe someone who has outstepped the boundaries of accepted polite behaviour for selfish reasons"

Alotta balls. Which is not nearly the same as big brass balls, which could go either way...

Frankie said...

Um...yeah. I know what chutzpah is, Pooh. My father speaks Yiddish. Plus, I grew up in New York don't get out of that city without a few key phrases under your belt. Chutzpah is one of them, and I bet you're not surprised that I've heard it quite a bit...