Friday, February 10, 2006

Filliam H. Muffington

I've recently started watching the Colbert Report, and I have one honest question - do his guest's have an adeqaute understanding of how full of crap he is pretending to be? (Or is he really pretending to be full of crap? The levels of double-secret-ironicasm defeat me.)

For example, the last two nights he's had Alan Dershowitz and George Packer, and they both, at times, have seemed more than a little ticked at Colbert for his jingoism. Maybe, especially in terms of Packer, who I'm sure gets jawboned repeatedly, it's just reflex to get all spiky in response to certain topics.

That being said, he's damn funny. (If you are wondering about the title of the post, it comes from his dissection of the dynamics of Hollywood power couples: Brangelina, Bennfier2 and William H. Macy/Felicity Huffman. Slendiferous Zeppelin Adventurers...)

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