Monday, February 20, 2006

StacheBlog Monday: Meh.

Dinner and a little evening hoops at chez Papa-Pooh, what could be a better way to end a three-day weekend (ahhhh, government work...)? Well, there was an ill-omen to begin with - the latest acquisition of the esteemed Tyge-parents is...well, let me just show you:

Just. Not. Right. (That's a clock, if you can't tell. Yes, the tongue is a pendulum. Not okay.)

Well with this image in mind, Gonzaga tipped off at Pepperdine. Not to go Gerbschmidt for my Minnesota readers, but Pepperdine, "your team is tewible". The Zags played down. Way down. So far down that the game was so bad that when the Geeze flipped to NBC for ice dancing, I didn't complain. In fact, when he cut away from the Italian team (featuring the "Diva of Italian Ice Dancing". Depending on the inflection you use, that description becomes really, really funny,) to go back to the color-analytical stylings of Hubert Davis, I was openly disappointed. I'm not proud of myself, but the 'Stache was that unispiring. A very AI-ish 27 for Morrison, shot til he was hot, and shot til he was not. (By my count, JJ needs 40 on Wednesday to take back the scoring lead, FYI.)

But I got free dinner and free laundry out of the deal, so I can't complain. Not that that usually stops me.


mortnut said...

Ya know you LOVE the clock! Just trying to hide the warm fuzzy inner Pooh! Or maybe it was the way the not small pooch WOOFED at the alien laundry basket. . . . Sorry, btw, about the ice dancing thing, but just couldn't find curling anywhere. Go figure.

reader_iam said...

I have no idea why I find that picture disturbing, but I do.

Well, emanations of bad taxidermy, maybe?

No offense intended.

Frankie said...

I am frightened by the clock. When I close my eyes I can still see it.

slat rat said...

Frankie - I'm crushed. I figured that I could count on you!