Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Blog Therapy (Open Threadish)

Blogging Is Good For You! So says RIA. And some experts agree:
A study of the phenomenon of blogs - or online diaries - found people writing them feel happier and more organised.

"Feeling that you have a forum for expressing yourself can make a huge difference to your psychological well-being.:
The happier part, I can agree with that. It's certainly more productive for me to take my frustrations out here, than to do it at work, where it might have, you know, consequences.

The "more organized" part? Not so much. Well maybe by default because I could hardly become less so.

Comments delightfully open. Feel free to talk about what you like about blogs. This one in particular, because I need your validation...


mortnut said...

Maybe you could combine blogging and work__and start getting orders "published" on your blog! I am sure the Judge would go for that big time!

Ahistoricality said...

There's no question: having the blog as an outlet for the stuff I post and as a way of making surprisingly strong connections to people I would otherwise never have contact with is worthwhile.

Is it worth all the time I put into it? Ay, there's the rub...

Frankie said...
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Frankie said...

I love blogging. It satisfies my attention whore cravings and allows me to be creative.

I've validated you enough on my blog this past week, Biznatch. No more lip service for you.

Pooh said...

no more validation for me?

Foreverever? Foreverever?!?

reader_iam said...

V-Vicarious sports-following
L-Likeable blogger
A-Adventurous (you know what I mean)
T-Too old (really!) to be my son
E-Evolving nicely

P-Partner (e-mail) in blog outages
O-Obviously bright
O-Open to other viewpoints
H-Hearted (as in good-)

OK, that last was a bit of a cheat.

But how'd I do, off the top of my head, at validating blog and blogger?

; )

: )

Frankie said...


The last H could have been Handsome...

Does that count as validation?

That's the last time, Pooh, I swear it.

Pooh said...

That's not my mom, Fran. Don't hate the validators, hate the game...

Frankie said...

My bad.

reader_iam said...


I'm definitely not his mother. That year, I was too busy co-managing wrestlers to reproduce. And I was TOO YOUNG.

(Pooh, can you tell I'm approaching a birthday in few weeks?)