Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Duke 87 - Carolina 83

Well, they made that much more difficult than it needed to be. A few missed free throws, a few ugly turnovers, and up 7 with a minute left suddenly isn't enough.

That being said JJ Redick is the truth. Earlier this year, he's had a few "cheap" big scoring games, his 40 against Virginia, notably. (Yes it was on 13 shots, but they won by a gazillion...) This was not a cheap 35. 22 in the second half, on the road, in a hostile environment, with nobody else really stepping up. As Bill Raferty would say: "Onions!.

I worry about my Devils. Paulus is regressing. Melchionni is AWOL, and Landlord has shown a worrying habit of getting bullied out of games (though he had one huge block on D.) McRoberts might be a player next year when he can actually touch the ball with regularity.

As for Carolina, they are going to be good next year. Hansbrough is already a beast. They have the potential to be exceptional defensively (when they made their runs today, they were absolutely smothering. It seemed like they were knocking the ball out of bounds 3 times per possession.) Danny Green will be a player.

But that's next year.


Lauren said...

Correction: Paul Pierce is the truth. NOT JJ "I have bacne so I wear t-shirts under my jersey" Redick! I didn't know you like Duke - why Pooh, why??

Pooh said...

A guy I went to high school with played there...JJ is the truth. Not The Truth. Though Reggie Bush may deserve the capitalization.

And yes, I know, in a weaker moment on a trip to Boston, I purchased a "You Can't Handle The Truth" Celtic T-shirt.

ImJohnGalt said...

Pooh, did you go to Duke? My wife got her JD (and her undergrad) there.


Fletch said...

Pooh, I know the Duke family. As in _the Duke family_ and I don't even root for Duke. Unless they are playing Arizona, Stanford, Kentucky, or UConn. Then I root for the push.

Pooh said...

IJG, no I did not go to Duke. As I mentioned upthread, went to HS with T. Langdon lo those many years ago and my loyalty has stuck for various reasons. (First, I couldn't stand Dean Smith. Second, I loved Cherokee Parks. Inexplicable, I know. Third, the Cameron Crazies, before they became Cameron Crazy, Inc. - just awesome.)

I refuse to be shamed about my Duke love.